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Walkersons Private Estate

The Pleasure of Fine Living

Take a drive down into our discreet valley and you will discover all that Walkersons has to offer. As a resident of the Private Estate or a guest of the Hotel, your lifestyle will be one of refined countryside living. Everything you need is already there. 4km of tarred roads leading down into the estate valley make access trouble-free. For light aircraft, there’s a 1000m long, 8m wide asphalt runway and for helicopters there is a helipad. Dams and lakes are well grassed and stocked with rainbow trout.

The development of Walkersons has been 35 years in the making, starting first with a family wishing to escape from the city, to the transformation of their family home into a successful boutique hotel that has become the most reputable in the area. More recently Walkersons has evolved into the most prestigious and established Private Estate development in Dullstroom, offering private ownership to a select number of investors.

Enjoy long walks along the contoured pathways and drop down along a mountain stream which feeds a series of well stocked trout dams. And it is here that you are invited to hone your skills in the fine art of Fly Fishing. For the more adventurous we suggest visiting the equestrian centre and saddling up to explore the estate.

A network of paved paths extends throughout the 800 hectare estate and up into the mountain reserve, making walking trails pleasantly simple. In fact, in the valley, over 3000 meters of paved paths make it easy for either a hearty jog or a lazy, pleasant riverside stroll. Alternatively, the mountain trail covers a distance of 1780 meters and offers a not overly strenuous hike to the top of the estate which will take you closer to the wild game which includes Zebra, Black Wildebeest and Springbok. It offers spectacular panoramic views of the countryside with its indigenous flora which abounds with wonderful birdlife.

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